KAD Approved Trainer

Is your child worried around dogs? Would you like to help them to overcome that fear? Maybe you are expecting a new baby and you would like to ensure a safe transition? Would you like to bring a dog into the family, but your child is unsure?

KAD was founded by trainer and behaviourist Debby Lucken. She designed a successful protocol to help overcome the fear of dogs in kids, which is aimed at children from around the age of 4 and upwards.

The course consists of 9-10 short weekly and includes enjoyable homework tasks. Parent supervision is required during the sessions and support with the homework will be essential

As an DBS checked, approved trainer, I am able to work with your child to help them feel more comfortable around dogs by using the KAD protocol.

For more information on how I can help please get in touch on


07909 851800

If you would like to find out more about KAD please visit the KAD website

Kids Around Dogs